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Strategic Planning

Our Vision

To maximise our CAPACITY as leading Civil Engineering Contractors by innovative growth strategies which are sustainable and designed to ensure quality workmanship through effective LEADERSHIP and a commitment to COMPLIANCE, giving us the freedom to remain flexible in our approach.

Mission Statement

To be leaders in the field of road construction and earthworks, providing top quality work to our clients whilst being competitive and achieving high productivity levels.

We will maintain our focus on our Employees as our main asset, by training and continually uplifting them and the communities within which we operate.

Quality Policy

As the management team of Hillary Construction we commit ourselves to comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard, as defined within our Quality Management System. We will position ourselves to be a leader within our industry and maintain that professional reputation with pride.

To live up to our mission statement and to achieve our objectives, we will strive to build the organization with a hands-on approach. We will provide the framework for our team of qualified, committed and enthusiastic people within which they can develop themselves to become the cornerstone of the business.

We strive to constantly deliver the highest quality of construction service. This requires from us a commitment to quality in all of our activities from the careful selection of service providers to the ongoing monitoring and measurement of processes. Our aim will further be to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between all role players within our value chain.

We will further manage our business to ensure optimum business growth, with a distinct focus on client satisfaction resulting in client retention which would translate into financial success for all stakeholders.

The management team and personnel will strive to find ways to continually improve the Quality Management System. To ensure that it continues to add value to the business, not only through market credibility, but also through internal pride.

To achieve the high standards we set for ourselves and the service which we provide it is essential that every member of the team is suitably qualified, competent and motivated, not only to do the job right but to continuously strive for improvement and excellence.

As a market leader we will entrench our position through continued focus on innovation and efficiency within all processes within the business.

We pride ourselves in being ethical.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Hillary Construction Group engage in the control of civil engineering projects specialising in roads, earthworks, steel reinforced concrete structures and associated activities as well as the manufacturing and supply of surfacing products and emulsions for supply to the industry

The Company aims to create and maintain an environment within which employees may execute their activities in a healthy and safe manner.

The Company is committed to identifying and minimise all risks pertaining to personal injury, diseases, company property and equipment.

To achieve these goals management will;

  • Actively participate in safety loss control programs and ensure the involvement of all stakeholders by setting measurable Health and Safety objectives Reviewed as a minimum annually
  • Reviewing the Health and safety policy for suitability
  • Apply all reasonably practicable measures to prevent injuries, fire, explosions and conditions that may jeopardise the health of employees, negatively affect the environment or damage equipment.
  • Be committed to compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements or, in the absence of appropriate legislation, on construction best practice.
  • Communicate the health and safety policy, rules and procedures to all interested and affected (public) parties
  • Participate in the promotion of safety by example by authorising and communicating the H&S policy
  • Document, Maintain, review and continually improve the safety and health performance of our operations and activities according to the OHSAS 18001 requirements.
  • Promote a culture of health and safety awareness among all employees by ensuring that employees are aware of their obligations.

Environmental Policy

Hillary Construction Group engage in the control of civil engineering projects specialising in roads, earthworks, steel reinforced concrete structures and associated activities as well as the manufacturing and supply of surfacing products and emulsions for supply to the industry

Hillary Construction (Pty) Ltd have an environmental protection responsibility to the wider community in Southern Africa.

Through the diversity of our products and services we are committed to sustaining natural resources, essential to life. In this way we aim to meet the needs of our present and future generations. To us the protection of the environment is our choice and not just an obligation.

Management authorises and commits themselves to these goals. In order to achieve these goals, management will:

  • Manage and use land, raw materials and resources responsibly.
  • Practise environmental sustainability methods in our operations and products.
  • Use the best affordable technology and practices to minimise and manage our negative impacts on the environment and identify any environment risks.
  • Practice the reduction, recovery and recycling of waste materials and the rehabilitation of disturbed land, with the aim of prevention of pollution.
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among stakeholders including employees, customers, contractors and suppliers, ensuring availability of our policy to the public.
  • Prevent environmental pollution, or reduce it to a minimum.
  • Maintain transparent relations with all stakeholders in our operations.
  • Promote continual improvement of our Environmental management system  according to ISO 14001 and in environmental performance.
  • Document, Implement and maintain our Environmental management system, performance of our operations to international standards and accepted best practices possible.
  • Environment objective targets are set according to significant impacts and reviewed quarterly for implementation status, thus also reviewing the environmental policy suitability.