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Nature of Business

Primary Activities

  • Construction and maintenance of national, provincial and township roads.
  • Upgrading of gravel roads to bitumen surfaced.
  • Rehabilitation of roads.
  • In-situ recycling of pavement layers.
  • Bulk earthmoving.
  • Asphalt surfacing and overlays.
  • Chip and spray surfacing and reseal work.
  • Construction of airfields.
  • Construction of earth dams including appurtenant concrete works.
  • Township development including water, sewerage, storm water reticulation and streets.

The protection of the environment has been an important aspect to the Company. Health, safety and environmental issues have always been dealt with responsibly.


Industry standards adhered to are:

  • COLTO and SACTCC Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Works.
  • SANS (S A National Standards)
  • OSHACT 18001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14000 (In the process of being certified)
  • ISO 18000 (in the process of being certified)

The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB), which rates contractors using various criteria, including capacity and performance, has rated Hillary Construction (Pty) Limited as a 9CE, the only Company in Limpopo Province and one of only 50 in South Africa. In Zambia we are registered with the National council for Construction as Grade R1. These are the unlimited contract categories for South Africa and Zambia respectively.